The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

No if, no buts, Kick a Tory in the .... near future

No if, no buts, Kick a Tory in the .... near future

No if, no buts,
Kick a Tory in the .... near future

Why it is socially acceptable and strategically useful to be thoroughly beastly to May's Conservatives this festive season.

When the people who pretend for May come on social media and call for "unity" they mean "inactivity" . When they demand "support" they mean "do not be critical". And when they call for us to "get behind Theresa" they mean us to "accept everything Brussels sends to us without complaint".

These old people, and they usually seem to be old, are relics of when the Conservative Party really was a loyalty machine. They would be loyal to the leader who ever that was. And still they are able to think what they are told to think no matter what it is they are told to think.

In football they would support their local team. Politics is the same for them: they support their team, their party. They cannot make the transition to primary loyalty being to the country nor to understanding that the people of the country have political needs.

How do you think it is when the EU negotiators reveal to May the next thing she must accept, when her timid little feet take the next step down the path laid out by the EU?

Would the EU not be comforted to know that not only will May eventually accept any condition every humiliation but that she has an army of little supporters who will pretend for her that this is no humiliation at all but a glorious triumph? What succour would it be for them to know that her little supporters would be out persuading the rest of the party and even the Brexit movement to accept this pretence and declare any failure at all to be a victory?
How much more would they be gladdened to know that a submissive little nation would not resist insult and disadvantage but pretendto save their party leader her tears?

When you pretend for May, you pretend for the EU.

Should we not be behind May , supporting her? If the appeal was to support her in great ideas that inspired the nation, then yes. But to accept the vacuum of her thought, no. If it was to support her in an heroic struggle to impose her will on the EU and liberate a continent, yes. To pretend for her that this is good enough, no.

If the EU knew that when they came to London to see our PM (He would not go running to Brussels at all hours of the day and night), they knew that here was a nation of people who would accept nothing less than the best or they would rip their new European empire apart --- would that not be better for Brexit than as it is she goes to Brussels and can be sent back with any old rubbish which her grubby little gimps will happily accept?

Brexit means the reval of Britain. Lead us, someone, with a word to describe it. Brexit is the moment a moribund EU begins to die, the moment a continent is freed and stands up. To this banner we will rally - but we will not pretend May's white flags are our colours.

They do not understand that we are not in their party and owe it no such sacrifice of our rational capacity. We are the electorate and we are not satisfied. We will not believe out of a mis-placed loyalty.

They cannot provide inspiration nor leadership. May still has the same contempt for us she showed at the election. They have only threats for us - that she is, at least, better than Jeremy Corbyn. Each day more of us pass the line beyond which we no longer care. Are we to blame if your party is so devoid of talent that it has not one other potential leader?

We will show them again at the local elections. Who was with us at Newbury when Sked we stood against a Maastricht Tory who pretended for Major? Who heard Enoch's words to us: "Do not vote for what you do not want".
We do not want your insipid defeatism and we will not vote for it. How many councillors will be victim to your pretending before you will understand?

The people who pretend for May make the EU negotiators' job easy because they work all the time to undermine and neutralise resistance. They urge quiet, obedient acceptance.

The people who pretend for May are the wreckers in our midst.

P.S. It is Christmas so do not actually kick them, ok?