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Orbituary: Ole Krarup

Orbituary: Ole Krarup

In memory of a great Euroscepticwords by Morten Dam

Professor of Law and former Danish MEP Ole Krarup has passed away at the age of 82 years. Besides being a highly respected Eurosceptic, mr. Kraup was also a diligent professor who taught and researched administrative law, state law, labour law and social justice.

Ole Krarup participated in the EU-resistance since the Danish referendum in 1972 on EEC membership. As a professor of Law mr. Krarup was an expert in legal advice and difficult paragraphs. His work made a huge impact in the political fight against EEC/EC/EU for many years. He is mostly remembered for playing a massive role in the Danish EU referendums; firstly on the Single European Act in 1986, and later victorious referendum on June the 2nd 1992 on the Maastricht Treaty. The Danes voted NO to the undemocratic treaty, a victory that opened the eyes to many throughout Europe – especially in Britain.

EU resistance in the European Parliament

In the years 1994 to 2007, Ole Krarup was a Danish MEP in the European Parliament for the Danish People's Movement against the EU. He actively worked for democracy, legal justice and for a closer Nordic cooperation as an alternative of the EU. In the European Parliament, Ole Krarup was a member of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Citizens' Rights and the Budgetary Control Committee as well as a number of delegations, including the Delegation for relations with South Africa. Ole Krarup was a great politician and made first class opposition to the eurocrats in his time as an MEP. He is also mentioned in Nigel Farage’s book ‘Flying Free’ as the first person who greeted mr. Farage with the humorous words; “Welcome to the charade”  when Farage first came to the European Parliament in 1999.[1]

Nigel Farage and Ole Krarup were members of the same political group until 2006.   

The Lisbon case

In the year 2007, Ole Krarup had to give up his seat in the European Parliament due to injuries of a traffic accident, where Ole Krarup was hit by a car was on his way to work in the European Parliament on his bike; an accident that gave him serious damages in the years to come. However, it did not prevent Ole Krarup from continuing the fight against the EU. In 2009-2013 he raised the principle Lisbon case against the Danish government for illegal actions against the Danish Constitution because the Parliament approved the EU Lisbon Treaty without a referendum.

The case was rejected but contributed to an important fundamental debate on the Treaty.

Ole Krarup was politically based on the left wing but throughout his political life he insisted that the fight against EU is a fight for democracy and that fight has no political colour.

His funeral will be held in the Chapel of Helsingør at 12:30 noon the 21st of October.


[1] Farage, N. 2010, Flying Free, Biteback Publishing Ltd. London, pp. 110