The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Catalan independence movement is a bit of a joke - but not as bad as the response.

Catalan independence movement is a bit of a joke - but not as bad as the response.

Catalan independence movement is a bit of a joke - but not as bad as our response.

If the Catalan so-called independence movement wanted to be truly independent, if it wanted to create a new nation or to liberate an old one from oppression, then we might be able to respect it. If it was a real nationalist movement with a policy to have its own king, its own currency, its own foreign policy and its own defence forces then maybe it would deserve some resepect.

It wishes only to be a separate province of the EU. It does not aspire to any of the responsibilities of independent nationhood. Therefore, from the beginning, it cannot be taken seriously. It would fail at the ballot box also the same as Scittish independence.

This is not independence. It is merely some romantic search for a trendier identity than the modern nation is permitted by current fashions. As the Scots discovered, there is more to nationalism than prancing around in fancy dress.

The Catalan independence leaders want a republic and that, insipid an idea as it is, is still enough to entirely justify Spannish action.
What? Are we shocked nowadays when we see a nation with sufficient virility to defend itself from enemies internal as well as external?
Why is a rebublican-nationalist movement which probably does not represent a majority in its own land appear to have any popularity at all with Unionist Brexiteers? Surely republican who want to break up a great kingdom and be directly under the EU should not be our natural heroes. A bunch of lefties who are asked to shift by the riot police, refuse and then get shifted - is that enough? They had a vote amongst themselves in breach of the Constitution - do we have no respect for national constitutions?


I have even seen Brexit campaigners calling on the EU to "do something".

It seems to me that the ease with which our opinions are guided by the media, how obediently we fall into  the fashionable is most alarming. They want to leave something, we want to leave something: and we follow that standard of logic that would make a snowflake blush. Maybe we think that if the nations of the EU are weakened so will be the EU. How and when did you come to that conclusion?
When the BBC guides us not to respect the votes and wishes of a population, then we do not. How obedient are your thoughts on, say, Donetsk?

When the EU tried to annex Ukraine, but bits fell off, we were prepared to believe the silliest nonsense from the EU media. While this ramshackle referendum in Catalonia is to be taken seriously, referendums organised to the highet standards in Crimea and the provinces of Ukraine that did not fall to the Euromaidan regime are somehow to be disregarded. Just last week there was shelling of residential areas of Donetsk by the EU-backed Kiev regime. People were hurt, properly hurt the way you are completely hurt by an artillery shell. Your taxes, dear EU-citizen, paid for the munitions but you do not care at all. And yet you see one lefty harridan being pulled out of a building by the hair and you get all hysterical.

Should there not be some consistency in our principles?

As far as I know, no one has died at the hands of the police nor guards. The worst people are talking about is some mobile phone footage of demostrators being shifted by riot police when they refused to shift when asked. But still we will see if Spain has handled this well.
There is a saying I heard in Donetsk: an army only fires on its own people once. The second time it fires on a new nation.