The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Protect Us From Racist Facts
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David Wilkinson

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Protect Us From Racist Facts

When the Truth is Racist, the Public Must be Protected

A couple of nights ago there was an incident in Tallinn; a fight between some black men, believed to be recent immigrants of the EU-quota, and some Estonians. There is a video of the event taken by an Estonian girl on her phone. The police response has been to try to have the video taken down. 

In the USA they are tearing down statues to erase the past, here they are tearing down videos in order to disguise the present and hide the future.

On the very same day we read that some Labour MP, Sarah Champion, in Britain had been sacked from the Shadow Cabinet for speaking the truth about the membership of the rape gangs - the so-called grooming gangs - being almost exclusively muslim and mostly pakistani. For years it had only been the BNP and such people who made allegations about the existence of these rape gangs who predate on vulnerable British girls. For years it was permitted to continue, hidden from us, because, as even other Labour MPs such as the one for Rotherham admits, people were more concerned about being thought racist than they were about protecting children from repeated gang-rape. Such is Britain.
Also on the same day, an Islamic terror attack in Barcelona is being described by the BBC as a "van attack".

No one is saying that what this sacked Labour MP said in factually inaccurate. No one is claiming that the video of the fight in Tallinn is faked.

What does the video show? An Estonian man has a wound in the back of his head, apparently inflicted by an attack with a glass. Two more Estonians are at his aid and Russian and two black men are backing away, one armed with some large object wielded above his head. Security arrive and the situation is calmed. The black men with African accents are heard justifying their actions, in English, by saying that the Estonian had said something racist.

It is a short video clip which starts after the important blow has been struck. We do not really know why the incident took place. But we know it did take place and it is this information that has been judged dangerous and from which we should be protected - as people were protected from knowledge of the groomers.

Who started the fight? We do not really know but the wound to the back of the Estonian's head is casting a shadow on the popularity of the EU-quotas of Merkels millions.

Maybe you think that the Estonian deserved it in some way. Often foreigners fail to appreciate the difference in meaning between the Estonian word "neeger" and the American word "nigger". Maybe, if you are black, you have the right to issue summary punishments such as glassing on those who offend you. Maybe Estonians - who do not understand that strangers are allowed to come into their country and behave in this way - are particularly stupid, bigotted and unfashionable.

People will argue over the events in the video - it might have beena knife and not a glass, he may have started it and not him - and that is fair enough. I am not certain of the details of what really happened myself. I was not there and do not know the men involved.

Also today, a century and a half after blackmen were freed from slavery , images of racial dis-harmony in USA fill our TV screens. Estonians were slaves in their own country more recently than the American civil war. (It is called a civil war when you lose an independence war). Is it, after centuries of yearning, racist to want some little patch of forest to call your own? But for sure the perpetual racial conflict we see in USA is a fact.

The fight is a fact. You can understand why the police would want the video taken down: theirs is just to keep order, they are not philosophers of truth. And we al want order. But what trust can we have in governments whose entire strategy to keep order is to protect the public from truth? Protect us from the truth as they did over the rape-gangs? Over who is driving these vans?

The violence in the video is inevitable. Some will say that to know that is in itself racist. Racist knowledge of racist facts. But it is true as Sweden knows this fact, as Germany knows and as France knows. Poland and Hungary know it too, by observation rather than experience but they know it just as well.

Our house is on fire and what do our leaders do? They make laws against those in fear of burning, they criminalise fire-ists. They issue information on how good fire is, how we depend on it to cook our food and heat our saunas. Words like "bucket" and "water" are made politically incorrect. Our house burns down and they reassure us that history is ash.

We wish peace not violence.

We want a democracy of truth not a tyrrany of deceit.

We want to live by trust not trickery.