The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Britain Divides

Britain Divides

Maybe there is some poetic inevitability in a June General Election.

Hitherto, the Brexiteers plan had been to sit still, watch Theresa May's government with a childlike trust to make a nice hard Brexit and to live happily ever after.

This well thought out plan involved the May provisional Government staying in place for the duration of the the Article 50 negotiations.
Yesterday we learnt that she would like a General Election on June 8th. Let us work on the assumption that she gets this.

As we Calgacus supporters have pointed out, there are a number of flaws in the plan outlined above. We had never really mentioned its virtues. We mocked the May "Provisional" government but this was more to goad the lack of revolutionary zeal in what passes for an anti-EU movement in Britain. You didn't catch V I Lenin putting his faith in a Provisional Govermnment, did you?

Trust in May had virtues in what it was not.

All independence wars are really civil wars. Here in Estonia, in 1918 when Estonia and Latvia were fighting the Bolsheviks for Independence, the commander of the Red forces was a Latvian communist Jukums Vacietis. The first military assault by the Red Army was actually led by an Estonian Red, Voldemar Puss. These men would probably not have described themselves as traitors: their loyalty was just to the new Union. It is always so. In an episode of poetic justice, Vacietis was murdered by Stalin in one of his purges. Ofcourse If you are unlucky, as in Finland and Ireland, for instance, you have another, proper, civil war. Generally speaking, British people are far too polite for real civil wars nowadays but there are serious divisions in Britain - nowadays. Remoaners expected to win the referendum and only got nasty when they lost. But that nastiness is strong if just a little un-British.

On April 16th, the remoaners were still quite passive. There were those vaguely comical legal attempts and some charming young eccentrics who really could not explain why the Brexit of their parents had stolen their future but were still sure it had. All quite contained, we thought.

The divisions, while we may mock them, are real: there is a significant tendency within millenial youth that is significantly different. For instance it has this "Young Pioneer" obedience to the new state whereas we would usually expect youth to be a little rebellious.
There are other divisions which come with a multi-cutural state, dangerous ones, but these may actually remain contained since Indians, for example, were as likely to vote Brexit as anyone else.

The real division in Britain is an ideological one and it is getting deeper with little attempt to heal it.
Had the government stayed in place for the duration, the next electoral expression would not have been until after Brexit was all but accomplished, (yes, avoiding an election just as A50 concludes is the best reason to have one now). There would have been no formal organisation of expression of the "48%". A reconcilliation would have also largely have been accomplished, or would be if those liberal nationalists could actually be bothered.

Now there will be such an electoral expression..

This election will be on Brexit and the division of Britain will be opened up. Those with an interest in dividing Britain now have their chance.

Without energetic containment, how the BBC will be does not take much imagination.

Hatreds will be stirred up. Viciously.

What will the new Commons look like? We are not quite to the point where results can be published before polling day but there will be a Lib-Lab-SNP anti-Brexit side (we hope in opposition) and a pro-Brexit Tory government.

We will not elect new Lords, nor a new BBC. The Vacietises of this world will not be contained nor reduced by this election but 50 or 100 new Lib-Dem MPs with Labour remnants and SNP will have a mandate to resist and obstruct Brexit. It will be, they will say, their duty as the Opposition.

The anti-Brexit forces in the country will be mobilised, organised and have leadership.
Britain will be divided: pro- and anti-Brexit.

What will we do? Sit still, watch Theresa May's government with a childlike trust to make a nice hard Brexit and hope to live happily ever after? Allow our country to divide?

We need to organise ourselves - not by incompetent mercenaries nor into millionaires toy cupboards - but by ourselves.

Like a hammer, we need to shape Brexit on the anvil of this election.