The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Understanding the Central European Revolt 2 - Kristiina Ojuland

Understanding the Central European Revolt 2 - Kristiina Ojuland

The year 2017 has had great start. Donald Trump became President of the United States and this opened the way to long-expected changes also this side of the Atlantic, in Europe. These changes must stop the very self-destruction of Western culture and civilization.

This year will be politically revolutionary, as large and ancient nations will elect their presidents and their parliaments and, so, select the future of Europe. Especially we need to keep our fingers crossed for the French to have courage and elect a president who would arrest the full-speed islamisation of France. An historical decision needs to be made for France certainly this year, for in five years time it will clearly be too late. As the Islamic community is growing fast so it is very likely that political Islam develops also. This results in the establishing of powerful Islamite parties (as well as Islamic factions within mainstream parties) in different European countries. It is not excluded that, in France, the Muslims will stand their own candidate in the presidential election in 2022, as predicted by Michel Houellebecqin his book "Submissive" . Does this seems insane? Then let's look at the facts - the recently elected mayor of London? Muslim. And in a couple of dozen British cities also. And that's it. It is no longer even a creeping islamisation, but the process, which will be fully deployed in front of all of our eyes. London, by the way, indigenous people are already in the minority. The fact is, too, that the Minister of Education in France is of Moroccan origin. It is known that one of the essential elements in the Islamic war is precisely to get education under their control.

In France, there has recently been much talk about the fact that the Jews are leaving - if not to say fleeing - the country. The growing number of mosques confirms the fact that the Muslim community in France is not going to embrace European values and laws or lifestyle but intends to be a civilisation apart. Paris has become an ugly and dangerous city where hostile minorities take cover. Islamic countries have enough money and political interest to provide for Islamic education in Europe, and not just to ruthlessly punish apostasy and conversion to Christianity of their own but even more so to spread their beliefs among the now culture-less native Europeans, attracting them to their islamic faith.

Many will deny this is happening. Some will advocate that it should happen. There is what Vladimir Bukovsky has called an internal gulag of coercion of those who notice it is happening. But who in the European Union establishment is proposing a referendum so that the European people can decide if it will happen?

This year, elections take place also in the Netherlands and Germany. Allowing millions of immigrants to enter Germany was a huge mistake by Merkel . It was recognized also lately by her party colleague, Finance Minister Wolfgang Shäuble. German elections are in little more than six months. During this period a lot can still happen to bring the Germans back down to earth. Such islamisation as in France, in Germany has not yet quite taken place. The experience last New Year in Cologne, the Berlin Christmas market and other killings and rapes probably will make voters more sober, maybe more desperate, and this will influence their voting intentions. Surely, Alternative for Germany, under the leadership of Frauke Petry, will gain significantly increased support and representation in Parliament, hopefully also in the government. The Netherlands' elections in March will make significant impact across the whole region.

Dutch and Belgium right-wing forces have recently engaged in greater cooperation and Geert Wilders' victory would encourage a domino effect in Belgium . A few years later will be hopelessly too late.

If all goes well for them in elections in various countries, those parties would want the first thing be to prohibit political Islam in Europe, therefore, measures such as the prevention of Islamic private schools and kindergartens. Broad measures must be taken to enable the return of refugees and other immigrants to the Middle East and Africa where, in any case, they are desperately needed. As it is in Switzerland for conspicuous islamic buildings, symbolic as it is for aggressive Islam, the building of mosques should be stopped immediately and organizations operating in them taken under closer observation than they are already. If peace is to be preserved in much of Europe, if Europe is to be preserved, seriously radical policies must be considered such as a "one-child" policy, as it has been practiced in China. For peace, we must be prepared to think the unthinkable. This measure is essential to maintain the demographic balance between native Europeans and immigrants because, in reality, the alternative is horrific. The easy and instant access to citizenship simply cannot continue.

The inability of indigenous populations to sustain replacement levels of reproduction is often cited as a need for immigration, for population replacement. The policies and systems that have created such an unnatural and unhappy situation must be removed. Our governments have a duty to enable the people to flourish. We need to be allowed to live happy family lives with normal support sytems retored.

We must be mad, literally mad because, today, Western civilization has signed its own death warrant by adopting a mentality of demolition of the traditional family. This directly affects the demographics. But I would argue that it is still possible through drastic measures to stop the sinking of our civilization. If we do not dare to do it, the third historic attack of Islam against Europe will achieve victory with the help of our own politicians and our own tolerance. We cannot make our own survival a crime.

The horse has already been brought into Troy. If now, and right now, this is not understood and protective measures not taken, we enter the era of Islamization: our children will be turned through the education to worship Islamic mentality and later they also embrace this faith, either voluntarily, or forcibly or subservient beyond compromise. Someday our children will find out that they live as a minority in Eurabia. Has this been a long-standing objective of many European leading politicians, suffering from megalomania, greed or madness? Those politicians are, today, trying at all costs to build a European federation, whose members will gradually be joined by North - Africa and part of the Middle East - even if the Turkish ambition has been somewhat delayed.

Fortunately, there was Brexit and hopefully other European countries follow the British example.

Now we come to Estonia – under no circumstances should the mosques be built on Estonian soil. Moslems who would like to live in Estonia, must embrace our culture and traditions and receive Islamic-free education. We are a small nation, just a million, and are maybe more accutely aware of the danger of our extermination than larger nations. If we dare, in three generations time there will probably still be such things as Estonians but will there still be such things as Englishmen? Or Frenchmen? Still, we have the right to take the measures to preserve our existence. Our life is an offence to no one and we need our home.

And finally, if in France and in other European countries people do not dare to make the right decisions to stop the onslaught of Islam, Estonia must urgently leave the European Union. Just as had we been in the USSR for another generation we would have been lost without trace as a people because of Russification though Orthodox is more similar than muslim. As soon as the membership in Islamising Europe will threaten Estonian national interests, our survival, we must organize a referendum. By the end of this year things should be clear enough to leave the sinking ship in a timely manner.

As a Commandeur de Legion d'Honeur and as a Francophile, I pray that the French people would save themselves - and the whole of Europe - from islamisation.

Kristiina Ojuland 
Founder of SA Euroopa Rahvusrinne, Member of the Board