The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Understanding Swastika - Case Europe (YDS phase)
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Blaz Babic

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Understanding Swastika - Case Europe (YDS phase)

In the time between my previous column on The Sloveni (Remember The Amber) and this one a couple of funny things happened on the way to the forum. First was of course the liberating and refreshing Brexit and the second one happened across the Pond – USA President's offspring's mother-tongue switched to Slovenian. Not bad, not bad at all. If only people could internalize the importance of this last tiny, beautiful detail. At least we can try.

Second phase (YDS - you don't say) of our Case Europe study will be focused in that which comes after the discovery. And the gift of discovery already came in the first column (omg phase). We discovered how much knowledge on Sloveni and thus Europe we really miss and that we have miles to go before we sleep.

Ydt phase is all about the discovery of myriads of data, information, combinations and re-combinations, deduction, reconstruction, detection - in short: Understanding the case. And what better way to understand Europe and EU than through its core crossing, heart, nexus - through a small country of Slovenia of today. Which - oddly enough actually has four neighbours. Could they represent the hands of a cross? Swastika even?

Let's drift into history once more to prove how Europe is interconnected. Can for example Robin of Loxley be somehow linked to Slovenia, the beforementioned crossing of all things European? Sure. In the 3rd Crusade Richard the Lionheart got a bit undiplomatic when removing the royal standards of the Austrian Duke Leopold V from the ramparts of the conquered Acre (1191 AD). This crusade by-the-way gave the colours of the contemporary Austrian flag (red–white–red, white representing the clean part of the white robe, otherwise soaked in blood). On his way home Richard landed close to Aquileia (Oglej, destroyed by Attila, former land of Sloveni, famous for being stronger in Christianity than Rome for a brief period) and tried to push his luck all the way to Wienna (probably had to pass through Ljubljana), dressed up as a monk. There he was caught and imprisoned. The ransom was so high that the large discount of the royal titles and honours began back in England. And this was the times Robin of Sherwood supposedly defended the true king's position – morally at least. So, no Slovenia - no legend of Robin Hood. That was easy.

Now let's get to more recent events. In past decades Slovenia was once more in the first lines of history. Historical shift has happened. From one federation, under Serbian hegemony, to another one, under Brussels corpo-cracy. Its sovereignty lasted only for a couple of years for already in 1994 a strong propaganda machinery was started up and the media barrage lasted untill March 2003 when a democratically disfunctional EU and NATO membership referendums were held on the same day.

Slovenia was never scrutinised by the EU's democratic countries for its lack of lustration. The same carrer&education communists held on to their positions and prepared themselves for a plunder of a generation. All with the blessing from Brussels. For Brussels knows only one thing. To control the provinces, one must control their political leaders. And they are controlled beautifully. The only leadership quality local leaders possess nowadays is knowledge of application of more pressure onto the public. Also according to Brussel's plans and orders they have completely dismantled the remains of an effective direct democracy.

When in 2012 there was (controlled by the elite) mass Uprising (Vstaja) it was actually only to remove the dubious »right-wing« Janša from the PM position. Any real warnings about the change in the 90th Article of Constitution have been subversed, censored and rerouted within the ranks of revolters. Therefore in May 2013 almost all MPs, with the exception of a single person (Ivan Vogrin, MP), voted for a destruction of referendum rights of the people.

Referendums may from then on no longer be called:

  • on laws on urgent measures to ensure the defence of the state, security, or the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters;
  • on laws on taxes, customs duties, and other compulsory charges, and on the law adopted for the implementation of the state budget;
  • on laws on the ratification of treaties;
  • on laws eliminating an unconstitutionality in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms or any other unconstitutionality.

Did I mention that the Referendum Act is still not renewed and aligned with the changes in the Constitution? This is from where the constitutional and legal chaos in Slovenia will spread across the land and perhaps even into the neighbourhood. Namely there are more and more international treaties that define country's legal environment. The procentage of these treaties will only grow thus the conflict between this shakles and the prime right of the people to govern themselves:


Article 3

Slovenia is a state of all its citizens and is founded on the permanent and inalienable right of the Slovene nation to self-determination.

In Slovenia power is vested in the people. Citizens exercise this power directly and through elections, consistent with the principle of the separation of legislative, executive, and judicial powers.


Let me emphasise, how the PR narrative of the EU is still completely in line with the »liberation« and »democratisation« of the ex-communist countries. This is a convenient quote that comes from the utmost crappy attempt by the EU propaganda machinery – The New European:

»During these decades of peace, the attraction of EU membership has helped democracy and freedom to spread across Europe, from the defeated Second World War fascist dictatorships of Italy and Germany, to countries like Spain and Portugal, where such regimes endured longer, and the nations of Central Europe that spent decades in the grip of Soviet communism.«

Democracy? You don't say! YDS.

(My basic rights in the EU - Slovenian thumb edition)

What I will try to describe now briefly is the current state of affairs in Slovenia regarding constitutional chaos that will sooner or later erupt to the surface through the slime of media censorship.

Non-parliamentary political party Unified Slovenia (Zedinjena Slovenija - ZSi) has in the span of 6 months – from Dec 2015 on – filed no less than 5 constitutional complaints regarding no less than 10 different laws/statues that were passed through the parliament in one way or another.

The Constitutional Court (CC) is a fortress of an old establishement in the same manner as the whole Court system is. The regular judges receive permanent positions (yes, for life!), they are rarely controled and almost never removed from their thrones. Thus they serve the only effective political master in Slovenia – lobbies around the ex-communist and »democratically elected« ex-president Milan Kučan. Additionally the Belgrade still has in posession secret files on all these people and extorts them effectively. Although the mandates of the CC judges are limited, they exert the ferocity of partizan guerilla fighters when it comes to the defence of the privilieges of the forementioned post-communist-always-communist elites.

And what did the CC judges first respond to the ZSi's complaints? In three cases they dismissed them in their official answers as »constitutionally irrelevant issues« although the 26th Art of the CC Act only allows them a dismissal when the question is »legally irrelevant«:

(2) The Constitutional Court dismisses a petition if it is manifestly unfounded or if it cannot be expected that an important legal question will be resolved.

Am I getting your attention? What were these »irrelevant legal issues« that we put before them?

1. ZVRK and ZRTVS (U-I-198/15) – Law on election and referendum campaign along with the Law on Radiotelevision Slovenia. Issues here were the questions is discrimination allowed on the public RTV, which covers 13% of the media space, and how is it possible that the rest of the media (87%) actually have no obligations whatsoever to perform a balanced, unbiased and undisrcriminatory coverage both in election and referendum campaigns.

2. »Brglez laws« (U-I-86/16) – the President of the Parliament has – acting on his own, against the legislation in completely dictatorial manner – prevented referendums on 6 different Laws being passed in the Assembly. People who collected the needed signatures (2.500 in 7 days, in the street – first step in referendum demand) were rejected on claim that their action was an abuse of the referendum procedure.

3. MPPMNSAP (U-I-102/16) – Unified Slovenia has raised a question whether it is possible or not to hold a referendum on the accession of Montenegro into NATO. People of Crna gora (Monte negro) were not allowed to hold a referendum on this issue and Slovenia's membership in NATO is based on the principles of democracy, rule of law and human rights (Art. 3a).

Now, please do tell me these are »unimportant legal questions«.

The remaining two cases were about the ZRLI (U-I-64/16) and the ZPZ (U-I-76/16). First one is the Referendum Act, question is why is it still needed to collect authenticated/certified 40.000 signatures for the second step in the referendum demand at the Public offices and nowhere else, in the opening time of those offices only. Second one was a blatant violation of the same Referendum Act, namely one MP has filed a copy-paste proposal of a Law only 1 day after the results of the december 2015 referendum (right of gay couples to adopt other people's children), when it is clearly forbidden for the State Assembly to pass laws in contrary to the decision made at the referendum – 1 year after the referendum day.

These two cases were dissmised on the presumption that the Unified Slovenia as a political party did not have the proper »legal interest« to file these complaints. For all five cases the ZSi is now forced to send complaints to the ECHR. Slowly but surely – first one has already been delivered.

Therefore we must conclude that the development in Slovenia – and most probably in other EU memberstates – is rapidly going down the democratic drain. People are stripped of any political leverages that were once at their disposal and the EU is not just a passive bystander, but an active disruptor of the state political structure.

This can not continue in such a manner anymore and the cup will walk to the spring untill it breaks. Which is a famous Slovenian saying.

Oh, yes, speaking of Slovenia. Did you know that Julius Caesar's ancestors were half-Etruscans and he was proud of that? Etruscans and Venets and Rhaetians and Tuscans and Volcini (volk, sl. = wolf, mother of Rome) many other tribes were much different to Latin people and that is why the Italian archeology reluctantly diggs in the northern Italy, for they are finding what the ugly Empire of Rome has destroyed. Similarly the President Trump's son Barron is of the proud lineage of Sloveni. Which – as we explained in the previous column – represent a most significant (and also discarded) stone in the European tale. The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner (Ps 118,22).

Therefore do not draw Swastikas on the walls to represent Trump's alledged nazism or his German origins, but draw Swastikas in awareness that this symbol actually has nothing to do with Germanism but everything with the Sun, God and Sloveni – stretching all the way from Europe to the lands of the sacred language Sanskrit.

Yes, everything revolves and moves, such is the nature of Swastika, tides come and go and the time is coming for the realisation that the EU has gone beyond any possibilities of reforms and that it needs to be dismantled such as it is – in the most harmonious and peaceful way possible. If not, there just might be war again. And haven't we seen enough movies about that already?

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p.s. A news just came in from the ECHR. A person responsible for processing cases from Slovenia, Ana Vilfan, has tried to be a bit communist-cunning. She attempted to deny us the right to complain basing her logic on "missing legal authority document". How on planet Earth could we pass the Slovene Constitutional Court if the president of ZSi would not be recognised as the one legally entitled? Well I guess a good man's work is never done. We will have to make few wake-up calls. They don't hold Slovenia as a negative record breaker at the ECHR for nothing.