The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Bulgarian and Moldovan Elections.  People 2 - EU 0

Bulgarian and Moldovan Elections. People 2 - EU 0

Bulgarian and Moldovan Elections

You may have missed the fact that a new Bulgarian president was elected on Sunday 13 th November.
This was, of course, overshadowed by the triumphant victory of Donald Trump as the new US President elect, the result of which was incomprehensible and abhorrent to the global political establishment (including the EU) and largely, Remainers and people of the anti-Brexit ilk.
There has been much excitement of varying kinds, and obviously this story has dominated the news.
The recent US election result was somewhat mirrored in Bulgaria and Moldova, albeit on a much smaller scale and much less shock-worthy.
Rumen Radev, a former air force general, and political outsider often described as having a pro-Russian stance (although anyone who is not fervently hostile to Russia is accused of being pro-Russia), won with 60% of the vote. Mr Radev praised Trump for “seeking more dialogue” with Putin.
Similarly in Moldova Igor Dodon, another "pro-Russian" politician was elected. More significantly this could mean a halt to closer EU integration. Even though Moldova is not actually an EU member state it is situated between Romania and Ukraine, and signed a political and trade agreement with the EU. This led to weakening relations with Moscow and ultimately imposed trading restrictions on Moldovan farming exports. Mr Dodon now wants to scrap this trade deal with the EU.
Collectively, with other results from recent elections in EU countries, these results have a knock-on effect on the EU. Although the US is not a member of the EU Trump, an avid supporter of Brexit, could strengthen the UK’s departure of the EU, or at least help to keep the pressure on the government and ride out the uncertainly of the upcoming Supreme Court judgment on whether Parliament’s consent is required to invoke Article 50.