The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Danish Exit Campaign

Danish Exit Campaign

The Danes are preparing to leave the European Union

- By Morten Dam

With the momentum from Brexit The Danish people is pushing for a referendum to leave the EU, but how will life after a Daxit look like? This was the main theme for the conference held on Saturday the 29th of October in Copenhagen by the Danish People’s Movement Against EU with participation of 200 members and international guests.

The Danish Peoples Movement chose on their AGM in March 2016 to put focus on the alternatives to the European Union. One of the main actions to do so was to host a conference for members to gain further knowledge, debate and workshop with the great alternatives and possibilities Denmark will have once outside the European Union.

The conference hasn’t got less relevant for the Danes in wake of Brexit that has seen the movement gain great momentum to get a Danish referendum. The British people has shown that it is possible to take back control from the bureaucratic monster – and now more countries can follow.

The conference was built around themes that can be alternatives to the EU and contribute to Danish sovereignty outside the EU. This was the UN, EFTA and EEA, the Nordic coorperation, Council of Europe and OSCE, as well as a discussions of how to achieve a referendum on membership of the EU.

The kick-off was set by the movements MEP Rina Ronja Kari who started out by outlining the scenario of the procedures for Denmark to leave the European Union. Then she outlined the opportunities Denmark will have outside the EU’s heavy bounds. She pointed out that although the People's Movement is nonpartisan, so it is highly political. "The citizens should have more direct influence on decisions that are important to their daily lives. When we are no longer bound by EU rules to allow toxic chemicals in food and toys, we must take effective action to protect our consumers, "she said.

Video messages from Britain:

Democracy and international relations is very important The Danish People’s Movement Against EU who were highly engaged in the British referendum with several members taking part in the LEAVE campaign helping at grassroot level. 

The Danes received great thanks and greetings back from prominent British campaigners in likes of Rt. Hon. Peter Lilley MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP and Robert Oulds writer and Director of The Bruges Group. The video received many smiles, cheer and a standing ovation from the 200 activists.

You can see the video ‘The Road to Brexit’ here.


The Danish People’s Movement Against EU is now fighting onwards to get a Danish referendum about their EU membership and could very well get one. The movement have garthered almost 20.000 signatures from citizens in their campaign and in history the movement have pushed on to get referendums on constitutional matters and giving up sovereignty. With Britain going forward and showing the way for independent, democratic and international cooperation with the whole world, triggering article 50 could very well be more than just Britain exiting the European Union but a launch for more countries to follow when things gets very real.