The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Understanding the Central European Revolt 1 - Kristiina Ojuland
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David Wilkinson

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Understanding the Central European Revolt 1 - Kristiina Ojuland

Interview with Kristiina Ojuland

Some will feel that Her Majesty's Governments supplications to the EU for a charitable agreement under their Artice 50 are somewhat insipid.
It is as if the EU was a successful, content and coherent entity. The EU is not a strong, secure and stable empire. The EU is failing, it is unpopular - and many of its provinces are approaching revolt.

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The grip the EU once had on its central European provinces is weakening. In some countries, such as Hungary, it is the government itself that has taken the side of the people in resisting EU measures that have the consequence of replacing indigenous population with migrants from outside even Europe.
In other countries, such as Estonia, it is almost universally accepted that teh government gives its loyalty up the hierarchy to Brussels and not to the people. Here the new opposition is not from within the palace but from the forest. Still it comes from serious figures such as Kristiina Ojuland. Now this rebel is completely expelled from the political establishment but was the Foreign Minister who negotiated Estonia's accession to the EU.
This interview with Kristiina Ojuland is the first item in a series aimed at understanding the Central European Revolt.

It is important that we understand. Not just because we have a duty to understand the problems and hopes of others but because the EU needs to divide the European opposition to the regime, the EU needs to persuade us that people in other countries are somehow evil, somehow racist, somehow nationalist. The EU needs to appeal to the Scandinavian sense of superiority and persuade Scandinavians that other people are somehow not good enough to enter into political dialogue. The EU needs to prevent solidarity in opposition. The EU needs to prevent unity in the peoples of Europe. It needs to divide to rule.


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