The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Why We Have Lost 1

Why We Have Lost 1

Fortunate is the bully who can choose his own enemies.

The greatest strategy the EU has is to select its adversaries. It has been practiced many times before in many referendums and it works every time. It works well because the opponents of the EU demand that this very weapon is used against them. Yes.
It begins when the government offers to fund its opponent.
Well, it will fund selected opponents.
So there begins a selection procedure, the government can select. Opponents will compete for these funds and the status of being official, state-authorised enemies of the state. They will fight amongst themselves. They will forget to fight the state or at least do so with reduced energy and imagination.
They will enthusiastically comply with the rules set down by the tyrant.
The state need not choose his most motivated, strongest and dangerous enemy. No, he can select the one who fullfills his criteria, that is to say the one who is most law-abiding, most compliant and most insipid.
He can fund such people so that they will suppress or at least overshadow the enemy that the tyrant truly fears.
When the money is allocated, there are controls on how it is spent.
This is what we see in Britain today. Do you not think it absurd, surreal and wrong that the government (in the shape of its Electoral Commission) will select our leaders?
Should we not have chosen our own leaders? Should they not have emerged by democratic process - or at least the best fighters?
Is it not bizarre that the EU, the state, will allocate air-time and funds to the people it selects to oppose its will?
Is it not even more bizarre that we willingly accept this without so much as a small riot.
We must be mad.
What do we see today in Britain? We see two inadequate pop-up organisations. On the one hand we have the Farago-Banks effort in Catbrains: and its front, GO. On the other hand we have voteleave with two individuals that someone, at some time, decided were the genius darlings to run a victorious campaign - House of Elliot. Where is the classic eurosceptic movement today? 

Catbrains, whatever the Farage-Banks outfit is calling itself this week, is the classic splitter organisation. Knowing that victory can only be secured if Farage is prevented from motivating the 84% that usually reject him at elections, our side began to adopt a sensible, unified strategy. Began to. Farage, not to be left out of the limelight, in this odd bromance with Arron Banks forms the ultimate splitter group we call Catbrains -
The demoralised activists of, lacking leafets, supplies, training, ideas, leadership are almost exclusively ukippers. Banks has seconded his insurance sales staff, with neither political motivation nor experience, to run to impersonate anti-EU activists but their only model is UKIP and so they have totally failed to escape the UKIP culture and, ultimately, the 20% barrier at the referendum.
The activities are entirely limited to those necessary for fullfilling the Electoral Commission criteria. GO is about resolving the problem of lack of support of parliamentarians with those disaffected voteleave types . Banks tries to buy in other support - like a blogger called Richard North. There is a blog devoted to dishing the dirt on Matthew Elliot.
Where is the real leadership? Where are the ideas that describe a better way for Britain to interact with her neighbours? Where is anything that resembles an authentic political movement other than the brave souls stood on street stalls?

What can we do?
We could hope for authentic EU-opponents to replace the pop-up campaigns and tell the Electoral Commission where to stick its official designation. Too late for that.
Maybe just that activists on the front line will maintain their own discipine and soldier on.
The greatest boon of all would have been that electoral comission was never born at all.
But maybe there is still hope that they will not give their designation to either of those pop-ups.