The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Bread, Peace, Land

Bread, Peace, Land

It seems that it has taken a BSE video to alert the leave movement that we are deficient of one of the main elements of a revolutionary cause: a revolutionary idea.

BSE (Britain Stronger in Europe) have a video pointing out the diversity of vision of those who express the brexit idea - as diversity of options was not the main attraction of freedom. It is not the variety of opportunity that is the problem, not, to be more precise, the variation in the mechanisms that are possible to execute brexit.
The problem we have is that we do not describe the shape of the post-EU Europe. We do not describe our dream of the future.

Of course, we describe very well what is wrong with the EU as applied in the domestic setting. The EU is a bit rubbish. But a lot of things are a bit rubbish. All governments are a bit rubbish. My car is a bit rubbish but what is the alternative? If I vote that my car is a bit rubbish what is the alternative? Do I get a new Bentley or do I walk to work?
When Alan Sked founded UKIP he was used to saying that there was no need to describe an alternative. The alternative to not jumping out of the window is to not jump out. The alternative to setting yourself on fire is to not set yourself on fire. That was trueback then, back before Maastricht was ratified and before Lisbon.
That was when we were an essentially conservative force warning of a stupid prospect int eh future that should be avoided: something we simply should not do.
Stay normal. Euroscepticism was a description of normality as the prefered option and a rejection of the mistaken innovation of the EU.

But after Lisbon we have to accept that the EU is the regime under which we live. We advoate change - radical change. We have to accept that we are npo longer conservative but revolutionary. And that is a bit much for us old codgers.
How things are is not good enough. We want change.

Lenin did not go around saying "Isn't the Czar a bit rubbish", did he? No, he said "Peace, bread, land"? not that it matters as Russia did not get much of any of it since the Bolsheviks were more rubbish than the Romanovs.

In recent years the anti-EU movement has been very weak. Instead of the hard work of thinking of the philosophy of the post-EU Europe, of how the modern states of the 21st century interact with their neighbours, (which process is hard work) they instead called for a referendum.
They must have been of the Sex Pistols generation: "I don't know what I want but I know how to get it" rather than a Rogers and Hammerstein "You've got to have a dream, cos if you don't have a dream..."

The BSE video "Who knows what Britain out of Europe looks like?", to be found on their Facebook, is weak and only points out difference of opinion on the Norway option, and BSE nor the EU have the imagination to see anything better for the future. They are offering us less bread each year, a more precarious peace and, if you live in Britain, less land per person.

So now we have a referendum on what Cameron and Juncker may offer us but we do not know what we want ourselves.