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Wiki Leave

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There are so many different groups and personalities campaigning for a leave that it can get a bit confusing, especially with similarly named organisations. They are seeking to represent us, lead us and support us so let's have a look at what they are about.
In no particular order

Vote Leave
The two main contenders for the government franchise of official "Leave" campaign are Vote Leave and Leave.EU. These are confusingly similar names and often as not, when you talk to people, they will be refered to as something like: the official one and the Farage one. To avoid confusion Vote Leave are often known as "House of Elliott" as the leading organiser is Mathew Elliott. House of Elliott was a BBC TV show about Edwardian fashion designers so it is a fairly nice nick-name. Not everyone likes Matthew and his colleagues and some say they are not proper eurosceptics. Still, he is not as unpopular as our boss. They operate most aspects of a full campaign and although a lot of people imagined they would not conduct grass-roots activity and that would be the grass-roots wing, they have maybe a more extensive and accomplished grassroots organisation.

You often hear them refered to as "Catbrains", just to avoid confusion, and not as any comment on the political ability of the female staff that have been seconded from Arron Banks' insurance company to run the campaign. Their offices are in an area of Bristol called Catbrain and, in any case, we are very politically correct here at Calgacus and would be more inclined to evaluate women for their intellectual capacity rather than give them a name derived from the entire city. The campaign is really the personal contribution of a chap called Arron Banks to the broader campaign. He has successful insurance sales companies and is a close friend of Nigel Farage and donor to UKIP. Their organised support in the country comes very largely from UKIP branches and understanding the activities of might best be done of it as a function of the UKIP project.
There had been great optimism about since there is no longer really an organised, specifically anti-EU grassroots organisation in Britain. UKIP has become a general purpose European style 18% populist party and Democracy Movement is defunct. could have done that. In reality, almost every single branch is a UKIP group and at any branch start-up almost every single person is UKIP. (certainly at the ones we have recorded). Although they have recently advertised (only in Jan 2016) for regional organisers, after all these months it all seems a bitter disappointment. Advertising on Indeed recruitment website rather indicates that few of their claimed 400,000 supporters must be very real or that Arron has no respect for activists who would usually be promoted. It seems they have lost the initiative in grass-roots activism and instead gone with the GO roadshow. Hey, maybe we will be surprised.
The Government has an advantage with this Electoral Commission being able to appoint its own opposition, but it seems unlikely they could justify naming these people as our leaders .

Grassroots Out
Go Skeppy, GO, Grassroots Out, is actually a group of longstanding euroskeptic parliamentarians. GO is a Leave.EU front group and, since Arron Banks insurance sales company is called Go Skippy, this project has earned the nick name "Go Skeppy". Main faces are people we love: Peter Bone, Tom Pursglove, etc and also Nigel Farage, of course. There was a launch in Kettering on 23rd January where 3000 attended. We did not go as we were out with another organisation street-campaigning but one attendee tweeted about the waves of positivity - which is nice: it is positive, isn't it? But for those concerned with deploying activists to front-line campaigning, it just looked like a clever way to take 3000 activists off the street for the weekend, but given what some of those more eccentric UKIPpers are like, that may have been just as well: not so much Grassroots Out as Grassroots Indoors. If GO is a front of a UKIP front, it looked like it. With one middle-aged speaker dressed in a Union Jack jacket, it did look like the Bill Boakes end of euroscepticism. Liam Fox was there. Fox was once a contender, now look at him, he works for Nigel Farage, it's what he is.
GO Skeppy may be frustrating for those who believe that this campaign can be won by the people mobilised on the street against big money and big state, but for those who enjoy assembling supporters to listen to them, it is great fun. GO looks like it is to become some kind of road show so if you are a local activist commander, wait for your town to be blighted.
Not sure of the website but you can probably just google "go".

Better Off Out (BOO!)
Better Off Out is not, as the boss insists on pretending to believe, a company giving financial advice to homosexuals, BOO is the specifically eurosceptic manifestation of the Freedom Association. They occupy a particular political niche but they organise and put out quality stuff. Don't miss them when Rupert Matthews comes to town.

Better Off Out
Better Off Out (BOO) should not be confused with the other Better Off Out . Better Off Out is a cooperation forum meeting in a Committee Room of the House of Commons, being an all party parliamentary group. Select organisations are invited to send a delegate and it has no executive function. It really could do with a nick-name to distinguish it from Better Off Out.
No website, they contact you.

Get Britain Out
Get Britain Out is the specialist campaign of Toby Blackwell. There is a lady, Jayne Adye, in charge of a happy band of researchers who act as amateur stringers for the Daily Express. And they have a facebook thingy that forwards Daily Express stories - but so does everyone.

Get Britain Out
Not to be confused with Get Britain Out. Get Britain Out is the new name for the Anti-Common Market League and so is usually refered to as GBO(ACML). Although there is rarely a need to refer to them. We do not think that they have a website as they did not have websites in 1962 when ACML was founded when MacMillan made the application.

Bruges Group
Obviously the absolute best thing in the anti-EU movement. The Bruges Group is a think tank, named after and founded soon after, Lady Thatcher's Bruges Speech. Bruges has extended into other areas of activity during the referendum campaign. Seriously, we expect Bruges Group to roll out some seriously important services to grass-roots activists of any affiliation.

Europeans Against the EU

As the name suggests, this is a circle of anti-EU activists around Europe. For most of us, the most useful service they provide is teh Facebook group. Search for it, it's worth it.

A small, specialist organisation under the leadership of Dr Lee Rotherham. Innovative stuff in a unique style.

Futurus is a quality research unit under the leadership of Tony Scholefield discussing what is about to be. Their publications are very useful to the serious activist.

Campaign for an Independent Britain used to be THE eurosceptic organisation in years gone by: their annual do in April was a real gathering of the clans but has largely faded out under poor leadership but it may now revive. It has not had a quorate AGM since the EU last cleared its accounts. It does now have one chap, a researcher called John Petley, who is good value.

The Freedom Association see BOO

Leave Alliance
Formerly known as RPG, is an alliance of notable blogs. It may also include some of the legacy names of once well-known groups. The blogs include: Restore Britain's Fish (formerly the legendary Save Britain's Fish), but this is not the sole organisation, Boiling Frog, Naked Leave, Futurus, Harrogate Agenda (which is Richard North and his son (who is like his dad but more so) and a friend), Lost Leonardo, White Wednesday, Vote Vote To Leave, EU Referendum, The Brexit Door, Lets Leave the EU, Leave the EU, Red Cliffs of Dawlish, White Wednesday, The Sceptic Isle, The EU Question, UK Unleashed - so probably three people. And only one of those I made up.
Leave Alliance is at

You have probably heard of UKIP and know what you think of it. And I have been asked not to make fun of them.

TUAEU has supporters from across the Trads Union and Labour movement, it is the cross-party socialist movement.

NO2EU - yes to workers' rights - is remarkably similar, which just goes to show what incredible levels of cooperation there are in left-winge politics, but stands in elections.

Campaign Against Euro Federalism is best known for its leading light, the veteran campaigner, John Boyd. At least these lefty organisations have honest descriptive names and not some poncey allusion to Tacitus.

Morning Star
And the daddy of these groups, Morning Star, the age old paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist) is a printed daily paper available from your newsagent and often sold in Morrisons. They are actually an alright bunch of blokes. They tend to be proper working class people and not the irritating middle-class know-it-all type of "socialist".
The Trotskyite end of Communism, like Socialist Workers' Party, tend not to be so coherent on the EU. .

Labour Leave
A House of Elliott group for Labour Party people for brexit. Anything Leave is likely to be a HoE front.

Historians for Britain
Published a very good book by collected historians - it is well worth getting hold of a copy. , Business for Britain, Taxidermists for Britain, Anything for Britain, also likely to be a House of Elliott front group.

EPAM London
Hellenic United Popular Front - is a Greek group of the broad centre right with a branch in London. Being Greek, they do not necessarily take an active position on British decisions, but there is a solidarity thing going on. EPAM is opposed to Greek subjugation in the Euro and opposed to Greek membership of the EU. A solid but moderate group. A flavour can be had from a film of their leader, Dimitris Kazakis' speech in London a couple of years ago
Find their London group on Facebook.

Hugo Van Randwyck, who once asked a question about EFTA at a Bruges Group event, helped initiate it. Gary Robinson in the North West has been doing lots of work in advancing the EFTA model for a post-brexit scenario. Find it on facebook and there is a website:

EU Referendum Campaign
We have seen this on Facebook but have no idea who they are. We did message them to ask but had no reply so maybe they do not know.

EU Referendum Blog
Dr Richard North, most famously a researcher for Christopher Booker's column in the Telegraph, has operated this blog for a dozen or so years. It can be quite controversial but often rather useful. Richard has never been one to court popularity in the eurosceptic movement. Leave.EU and Richard have said he is now working for Leave.EU in Bristol - political intelligence it says. Maybe he has been off sick. Or maybe not.
Grumpy Italian Eurosceptics.

Wet Leaves
Left wing Conservatives on the track for brexit.

French Leave
Boiling Frog blog. This is devoted to exposing House of Elliot as lizard people and generally very bad sorts run by William de Burgh and just in it to make money as data business does.