The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Remember the Amber - Case Europe (OMG Phase)

Remember the Amber - Case Europe (OMG Phase)

In resolving any problem in life there are four distinctive levels or phases. Each of them represents a

unique set of rules and is marked by a special miracle. The word miracle is used here deliberately

because it represents an objective, external criteria which a person must achieve almost regardless of

their inner attitude towards the issue itself. Therefore it is safe to say that this miracle is en a par with

divine intervention and praise well deserved when a person realises that the phase has been achieved.

Miraculously – naturally.

The first stage is defined through a first-stage miracle – namely, of seeing. It is also called the »I can

see clearly now, the rain has gone phase«. In these digitally retarded times »omg« is the most

commonly used expression of joy.

If one does not see the problem at all one can not even start solving it. So if the optical perception is

hindered, or if the vision is blurred, one does not truly, properly see the problem, but merely detects its

shady contours or is simply problem-blind and will continue to exist and do nothing else in this regard.

I was asked to share some thoughts on European issues and, oh boy, I see the problem. I mean, I know

that citizens of this continent – not to mention of the whole planet – have almost no clue of the scope of

the problem. Not even the most educated readers can yet see where I'm trying to go, but in the end they

will surely have to admit that their vision has definitely been upgraded of sorts.

So let me begin searching for the true vision of the European puzzle. Why is it so elusive? Why do

German cats chase all the other mice around. Or are they? Let me begin my little experiment.

Once upon a time, 5,000 years ago to be exact (3,000 BC), in a general region between the Sea of

Wends (Vendsko morje, now known by the name of one small village on its banks – Baltik) and the

Sea of Adriatic (Jadransko morje) there flourished a culture... People of this culture were called Sloveni

(Sloveny) transporting large quantities of amber to the south. It was well known in those times that the

world's best amber is to be found precisely there. The amber found in the Adriatic was of lesser quality.

And where – may you ask – was the final destination for this luxurious commodity? First the caravans

transported the amber from the lands of Sloveni to the coasts of the Adriatic or the Black Sea.

Nowadays Slovakia with its Tatre ridge has held central position in the European part of such logistics.

Further on, the goods travelled by the sea to the mouth of the river Nile and after that upstream all the

way to Ethiopia. The caravans needed to deliver the riches on the Horn of Africa every year by no later

than the month of June as this was the optimum window of weather opportunity – monsoon winds were

favourably blowing in the general direction of the Indian peninsula where Dravidi culture flourished.

Only in 1400 BC came the Arians with Sanskrit; a non-Indian language extremely close to the

contemporary Slovenian language.

Now if you don't take my word for all of this you can easily check out the narrative with the

archeologist Dr. Cyril A. Hromnik, who established this thesis of a Euro-Indian global trade connection

only after having researched the Indian influence in the south of Africa. Bushman women and Indian

miners even gave birth to a whole new nation – the Hotentots (the mixed-ones). Approx. 1600

sanctuaries dedicated to various Indian dieties have been detected with the help of areo-photos in South

Africa. Only after 1400 AD did the Portugese take over the gold production and exports.

So, do you see now where the miracle is hidden? We as contemporary Europeans are chasing our tails

by not recognising the true history of our continent. We have been under a mind-reset and brain-

washing for so many centuries that we have effectively forgotten all about our real ancestors, about the

real ab origines of Europe. The matrix of Europe today is based on merely three corners of the house:

Judean, Greek and Roman. This is where even Nigel Farage gets it wrong. For all these are relatively

young cultures that developed their matrixes, and their modus vivendi&operandi was much more

oriented towards exploitation and empire-building aggression. We have been under a strong spell of not

appreciating the fourth corner of the European house – the Sloveni.

May I indulge you for just a little longer, so you can start to grasp the scope of the problem. I will list

some of the historical facts which an average historian will have no problem in researching – if only

they would be allowed to do so – along with some speculations which will serve for further debate:

1. Sloveni were later known as Wends, Windi, Windish, Vandals, Veneti, Slowinzen, Slovaki,

Slovenci. You can find traces of those names all across the European continent. Ortonimes,

hydronimes, toponimes – many of them deriving from the language of Sloveni, slovenski jezik.

2. Wends were famous for their nautical skills. Even Julius Caesar used their service when

invading Britain. The word »veslo« (wessloh) means an oar – and it's more than anything the

true origin of the word »vessel«. Wends/Winds were also skillfull in using »winds« for their


3. After the fall of Troy and the land of Caria, many migrants came to the north of the Adriatic

(Antenor). Paphlagonians, Fenicians and Venetians were not unrelated. Also the recently

destroyed temple of Bel in Syria is not unrelated to the god Belin (White, Good) of Sloveni.

4. Roman history actually is a few centuries of the first grand history's reset.

5. The strongest adversary of Rome – Car-thage (Car-eta (Crete), Car-sica (Corsica), Carnia,

Carniola, Carinthia) fell in 144 BC. So how can it be that only after 127 BC Rome was able to

occupy Trst (Trieste, Tergeste, Trg) which is approx 700 km far – by land? Was »someone« in

the North-East of Rome so powerful that only after all the troops were relieved from the »South

front« they were then sent to the »Eastern front« to defeat the Karni, Reti and the Norik people?

6. Why did Julius Caesar never set foot East of Nanos mountain (a few kilometres west of

Postojna), but could easily travel to Londonium or Alexandria by the Nile?

7. How come we were never taught in schools that Octavian (Augustus) received heavy wounds

by attacking the city with two towers – Metullum (Metje, Metulje?), which was some 50 km

south of Aemona, nowadays Ljubljana (Lublana).

8. Why did Rome never effectively cross the Danube river to »liberate« and »enlighten«

Barbarians of the East? How many people actually fled the onslaught of Rome by migrating

East, across the mighty river?

9. How many books filled the luxurious and trendy private libraries of Rome after the conquest of

the Illyric peninsula (nowadays know by the Turkish name »Balkan«)? Are they still in some

secret vaults there?

10. Why is there a practically erased history of 100 years after the invasion of Illyric and why has

Norik been given unprecedented 40 years of autonomy?

11. Were Sloveni renamed »Sclaveni« and was this label later on transformed into »der Sklave«,

»Slave«, »Esclavo«, »l'Esclave«? Why is Verdun known in history as Urbs Clavorum?

12. Was it really the Barbarians who destroyed Rome, or was the global reasoning in an ingenious

naval blocade of the essential Egyptian wheat, imposed by the Vandals, who inhabited and

restored the might of fallen Carthage. Why indeed are the Vandals labelled as bad? What about

the meaning of the word »sloven« in the English vocabulary?

13. Where was Regnum Sclavoniae which was represented by the royal flag-bearer in blue with a

banner »Sclavonia« in the St. Pierre le Jeune church in Strassbourg (Stražni grad, straža =


As always all the roads lead to Rome, especially in regards to historical responsibility.

The miracle is now being revealed in full. Well, almost. I will top this with a very special cherry.

Did you ever hear of Slovenia? before? What about the »Slowinzen« (Slovenci)? These gentle and

peaceful remains of a once large Sloveni culture lived on the north banks of Prussia, nowadays Poland

(polje – field, similar oranje - ploughing –> land of Oranje, Netherlands, Nizozemska). They lived (I

say lived in the past tense) for they have been exterminated by the genocide in the WWII by both

Germans and Russians. But did you actually ever hear of this ethnocide anywhere? Let me reassure you

– even the Slovenci (of the Adriatic) have never been taught about the genocide over Slovenci (of


How come that in the era of so much »diversity« and »multiculturalism« a genocide of such

proportions has not yet been properly recognised? I have a special explanation for this.

What we know of as Germany, especially East Germany, was once part of the vast land of Sloveni.

They were deeply religious (Bogani (Bog=God) transformed into label Pogani, Pagans) even before

Christianity came. But with Charles the Great Rome got its first opportunity to remove all influence of

the Constantinopolis (Carigrad, Bizantium, Polis, nowadays Istambul). They also removed Slovene

version of the Holy Bible (4th official biblical language, after Judean, Greek, Latin) which has been

written in Glagolitic alphabet by Constantine (Cyril) and Metod in Nitra, nowadays Slovakia. After

many centuries of playing the role of second-best Rome won and capitalised on the victory. Plans were

set and the Franks of the 9th century occupied whole regions of Sloveni (nowadays called Germany,

Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia).

All this has been done with fire and sword. People have not been so much christianised as foremost

romanised (that later transformed into catholicism). Their language has been put aside on behalf of the

German and Latin. The writings changed to a Latin script. For many centuries the people of these

places have been under constant Catholic brainwashing and de-Slovenisation, de-aboriginisation. Old

books were burned as witchcraft.

And here comes the twist of all twists, that explains the perfection of the master schemers.

After a millenium of brainwashing, as well as physical and mental harm imposed upon the Sloveni

(today this is the definition of genocide), then along came Adolf. He was interested in a special bulletin

when living in Vienna (Dunaj) and this paper was called Ostara (stara simply means »old« in Slovene).

Through certain »spiritual visions« the movement, funded by the oligarchs of the time (Krupp,

Thiessen...), took upon itself a symbol that actually originated from the ancient Euro-Indian connection

– the swastika. Remember the amber?

So, one takes non-aggressive aborigines, one imposes on them a millenium of cultural genocide and

when they are spiritually completely broken, one abuses them with symbols that resonate within their

epigenetic memory. Therefore Nazis were actually twice brainwashed Sloveni with deep historical and

spiritual connection to India. The Tibet expedition was just a convenient distraction.

This is also how we can understand why East Germany has been punished with Stasi and why today

Mrs. Merkel is funnelling incompatible migrants into places where Sloveni should flourish once again.

Tracks have to be removed, people ought to be thrown under new traumas – just to keep them from


I believe this is enough for a first attempt. Miracle delivered. You can see clearly now how much has

been hidden from the historical narrative of today. Next time we will review the second (wow) phase -

the miracle of understanding the problem.

Osti jarej!

(ostee yarey – stay young/healthy)

Blaž Babič, Lublana, Slovenia

Blaz Babic is Moderator of Europeans Against the EU