The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Weber spells it out to Orban:  EU is Not Christian

Weber spells it out to Orban: EU is Not Christian

When Viktor orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, subjected himself to a tirade of vicious hatred from the European Parliament he sat, defiant and dignified in the teeth of their insults, and never showed a flicker of hatred in return.

It was appropriate. He says that he, rather that Hungary, stands in defence of the real Europe, the Christian Europe we have built, as he said, over so many centuries. I do not know if Mr Orban loves his enemies but he certainly showed no hatred.

It matters because his party, Fidesz, remains loyal to the European Peoples Party group in the Euroepan Parliament, the Christian Democrat group. Yes, it matters because in his betrayal speech at the kangaroo court show-trial in the September session of the EP, Manfred Weber, the chairman of the EPP, openly opposed Hungary's defence of Europe's Christian culture.

This is what the EP's arrogant attempts at bullying of Hungary is all about.

Weber said to Mr Orban, "In the European Union we have invented Human Rights not Christian Rights." In the EU, rights are not God-given but devised and lent by the EU. In their arrogance they have casually usurped God and have made the EU their religion, a religion which tolerates no heretics.

Weber may well represent a party called Christian Democrat - but he is neither. Nor does his group represent European People. Orban does.

Orban and Fidesz remain stalwart loyal to the EU. They know that the EU betrays Europe, the idea of Europe and the people of Europe. And yet they remain hopeful. It is noble but frustrating for their friends.

I challenge anyone to go to the European parliament and find any trace of Christianity. Of all the services that are offered to staff, the thousands of staff, there is no Chaplaincy. There is a meditation room, a quiet room, but no chapel of any kind. Not even a directory of local churches that may conduct services in English or Polish. Nothing. It is the opposite: institutionally, the EP has turned on Hungary precisely because it defends what most of us believe Europe is. Find me an EU publication that talks of Christendom.

Of what European values is Mr Orban deficient? Subservience, obedience and conformity. As they said to him when another true European, a Pole, Ryszard Legutko defended Orban that he had a real electoral mandate whereas MEPs really do not: democracy is not about winning elections. The EU values are not those of the people and what they call democracy is not what the people want. For them "Democracy" is whatever suits "Europe" - and by that they mean themselves.

Orban is not an angel. He is not a saint. But, a Prime Minister, in his humility before the European Parliament, he was surely in the tradition of Christian heroes.