The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Towards Europe - immediate comment on 2018 "State of the Union" speech

Towards Europe - immediate comment on 2018 "State of the Union" speech

Towards Europe

Drunker starts with admission of imperfections put presents EU as continuous revolution. A project yet to made more perfect. This sounds so much like Soviet talk - all problems are because the revoltion has not yet been realised. The answer is more socialism or more Europe.
As always, he presents EU as a peace project. Let us quote Tacitus.... they have made a desert and call it peace. Yes, it is I, Calgacus, who said it then and I say it now.

There has not been peace in Europe (Yugoslavia) and the EU relies on Russophobia to maintain authority in its eastern provinces. The EU has always been at war with Eurasia.
There is an historic task before us, an historic division to be healed - but the wound, the schism, in Europe since the earliest days of our modern civilisation is not between France and Germany but between the west and Orthodox East, between the west and Russia. But the EU does not try to heal this and make peace but relies on the abscence of peace.

He refers, with pride, to the way the EU sacrificed Greece for sake of the vanity of the EUro --- he should be put on trial this. He says he is proud of the way the Greeks suffered. I would like to see him and his family suffer one tiny proportion of the misy and pain suffered by ordinary Greek families. Maybe I should not wish that suffering on anyone but his callous pride is hateful.
Greeks were victims of Euro. The misery of Greek peeople is not a price worth paying.
Nor is the massive youth unemployment over so much of southern Europe... why is Italy in revolt

Europe acting as one to impose its will on others. Europe has no right to impose its will on others. And, as we saw yesterday in the show-trial of Viktor Orban, there must be a very real fear thea the military power of the EU would not be used first to defeat an external enemy but to supress an internal revolt. Budapest would be an appropriate venue.

"Todays alliances may not be tomorrow's" he means USA and NATO. "We need a strong EU," he says. A post Brexit-EU cannot protect Estonia nor any other of the Eastern provinces of the EU.
He talks of the ambitions for the EU defence fund and the urgency of building EU defence structures. EU defence is all about new structures and no new tanks.
He says "we will not militarise EU" but unity. This is a justification for defence cuts. Says can use the EU's power as the world's largest market.... but it shrinks every day as a proportion of world. It is a dependent market and has little power. What is its power, to stop buying stuff?

He calls for unity but bullies and alienates Hungary and POland and has lost UK.

He calls EU a sovereign player in international affairs --- that is why UK voted Brexit and it reduces smaller countries with Russian borders to expendable provinces

He says EU not turn against others but relies on conflict with Russia and makes an implicit threat to Brexit Britain.
He talks of overcoming divisions between north and south east and west --- seeds of sovereign Europe. Not of solving the structural economic disaster of the Euro.

HE talkS of EU tax sovereignty would remove advantage of Ireland and prevent Other governments will be prevented from introducing competetive tax regimes and so EU becomes uncompetetive in the world.

Very disturbingly, he talks about a grab of more powers taken to Commission to fight terrorism - but these are powers of general repression using terror as an excuse. They could just keep terrorist populations out but have a policy of bringing it in. He offers the excuse of money laundering and need to have these measures to maintain schengen and no internal borders.

Years after the invasion started he calls for more solidarity and less ad hoc reaction ---- maybe if they had waited to ask people about teh invasion before they allowed it --- we would not have a Sweden Democrat electoral triumph.

Africa talks of new partnership but need to open markets. "investment" is colonialism. And China has beaten them to that one. Africa needs the EU to open markets, particularly of processed produce. EU allows import of raw material to be processed in Europe.

Brexit and N Ireland..... EU is looking for a weapon and not a solution but I will leave Brexit comments alone for a while

His ambitions for Euro dominance will cause problems with US and are vanity.

Syria - need to strengthen foreign policy, one voice, taking away sovereignty of states.... if a state does not have its own foreign policy it really has no claim to be independent. He calls for QMV in foreign policy. How will this be when Germany is desperate for Russian gas? and QMV wants enhanced friendship in border areas of the EU?

He is ends by attacking nationalism. This is classic Soviet talk. Looking to serve national interest is evil but saying we should have a romantic patriotism that serves the new EU.