The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

Is it regime change in Russia that you are after?

Is it regime change in Russia that you are after?

Vladimir Putin has suffered another surprise attack.

It seems irrelevent now just what happened in Salisbury a few weeks ago. What now matters is how this crisis has developed, who seems to have it all planned out and who was taken by surprise.

Then we must ask, what is the purpose?

There are a lot of people who enjoy a good crisis when Russia is the victim. Most countries who suffered socialist occupation in Soviet times still blame Russia and hate Russians for all the attrocities of Lenin and Stalin. This is not entirely unreasonable since some Russians still seem to glory in those times - how do you celebrate victory in WWII without fond memories of the Georgian uncle? And of course Washington cannot tolerate a multi-polar world and cannot forgive the success Russia has had in the Levant destroying ISIS and preserving her ally. We are in a new cold war but somehow inverted.

Whoever did the Salisbury thing, the Western alliance had a plan ready to roll out. Whatever the immediate motivation NovyVoyna was escalated.

The West, led by American intellect, has a habit of initiating conflicts without thinking it through. Like a drunk throwing punches outside a pub, they have not really thought about what is going to happen next - which is often brutal and startling and will not stop when you want it to.

There is a frequent mid-term plan and that is regime change. Not being on the electoral roll of foreign countries is a constant source of frustration that cannot be explained.

Iraq, Libya and other examples just in the last few decades where regime change was the aim - but no one thought of the consequences. Still that is their right, as they see it.

So far we have seen our governments just at the scratching and hair-pulling stage of conflict but still with daily escalations. Are tehy just stupid or do they have some kind of plan?

How far do they want to escalate this crisis? Regime change in Russia?
Is that where this crisis is supposed to lead? Regime change?

Sadam Hussein famously warned his former western sponsors: "if you get rid of me you will open the gates of Hell." Never were truer words spoken.

We should ask our politicians: do you think you can turn this crisis off when you get bored -- or is regime change in Russia the goal?