The EU Creates A Desert and Calls It Peace

About Calgacus Group


Calgacus is an international network of authentic anti-EU activists.

Our authors have been part of very many EU-referendum campaigns in many countries, know the ways and the wiles of our adversaries - as well as our own defeats.

We are Europe and we want rid of the EU. The EU is not Europe it is a certain regime and we want change. The EU is a betrayal of Europe.

And we are not Europe. Not so limited.

We cannot be satisfied with what we see today. An EU that has failed the youth of a continent is no dream. An EU that has treated Greece how it has is no Europe. An EU that requires hostility within and without in order to maintain authority was never our vision. An EU that loves its ideology more than its people cannot remain.

We need to leave all this behind and go.


Q   Who funds you?

You do. We are not part of any large group and beholden to no one because we are supported by everyone. Small donations make it happen and keep it free: a genuine activists' portal.


Q Your ideas seem a bit muddled. What is your ideology?

Not muddled, sunshine, but various. We come from various backgrounds and countries. We think differently, have differing perspectives. We ask understanding but do not demand compliance. And you do not have to agree: when you pretend to agree with me, you insult the uniqueness of my genius.

The site is Christian. It is libertarian. It is Conservative. Some writers are Green. Some are socialist.

Calgacus is defiant.


Q How much will I be paid to write?

Bugger off! You want to be paid? When you are paid your master owns your work. Here people say what they say because it needs to be said. Their words are their own and their deeds are their own, they took no payment and took no command. Our people are here to give. All they take is the blame.

If you take part in some of our activities, such as instructing, you may have expenses paid and a drink. Commercial services, we have to buy.

Q What if I find something in an article offensive?

Bugger off! Some of our people have been in Soviet prison camps, some have lost all they own, livelihoods lost, some are scarred, some have lost members of their family and some who should be here are not. So if you cannot pay the smallest cost of freedom, stroll on.


The site is dedicated to the memory of Arne Otter.